Restored Side Dump MW Car

We recently returned our side-dump MW car to service.
Alco pulling freight
The car was about 2/3 submerged in the flood waters of T.S Lee in 2011.
The brake system was full of water and had to be rebuilt.
It needed new journal pads, other brake components, and a new paint job.

MHRailroad side dump car

The shop completed the work over the winter.
After passing an FRA inspection, the car was returned to MW and buffer car service.

side dump MW car
The dumping system is not yet operational since severe damage was done to the flooded dump cylinders, however we can use it like a gon.

MIDH 99398 MW

Snow On The Railroad Tracks

Trains are one of the things that the snow doesn’t stop – at least in south central Pennsylvania.

railroad in snow

We’ve had a lot of snow this 2014 winter!


Fixing The Track That Was Flooded

In November 2013 we began work to restore the track south of the bridge that was washed out during Tropical Storm Lee. This previous post has photos of the track damaged by flooding. In the following photos the sub-roadbed is being put in – when complete over 700 tons of material will be used just for the sub-roadbed! Then it’s on to regular ballast, ties, plates, rail, spike, tamp and drop more ballast. fixing tracks 1

fixing railroad tracks

fixing RR tracks

The south side will be completed over the winter and come spring we’ll begin work on the north side of the bridge.

Railroad Station Gets Spruced Up For Spring

Since locomotive number 2 is finished, we’re now sprucing up the railroad station with newly repainted benches, decking and currently working on the roof eaves.

railroad station eaves

working on the M&H Railroad Station eaves

M&H Railroad Station bench

newly painted M&H Railroad Station bench

railroad station decking

decking around M&H railroad station

We’re trying to make the place look the best that it can! Come check out all the hard work done at our railroad station. See you soon.

Rules Class For The Railroad

train rules class

Once again it’s rules class on the M&H. Instructors Charlie High and Andy Ottinger performed most of the training duties. It was especially important this year since the railroad has adopted a new rule book with several changes. This was the first major revision since 1993!

train rules class 2

Railroad Track Damaged By Flooding

Here are some pictures taken in September 2011 by Frankie to show the track by our Civil War Field. Sadly, it has made us cancel the Civil War Reenactment for this year.

MH Railroad Flood


MH Railroad Flood



Pictures from the home page:

train track after flood

Track to flooded field


flooded field

Field where the reenactment occurs

Come See The Cafe Car

During train rides snacks and drinks can be purchased and enjoyed in the newly decorated cafe car or taken back to your seat.