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M&H Railroad Moving A PP&L Transformer

On Friday, January 24th, 2014,  the Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad moved a transformer to PPL over our tracks in Hummelstown, PA. This was the first movement of this type in a few decades! Due to our washout at our Swatara Bridge, we had to lease a locomotive from the Norfolk Southern. The movement went as planned without any issues.


Following is an additional note from Charlie High, who was part of the crew working this job:

Norfolk Southern

“Look closely at the red board to the right of the locomotive on the utility pole. That is the original Reading Railroad TRAIN ON BRANCH sign which was used to signal a train had entered the M&H from the mainline in Hummelstown. The M&H dutifully raised the red board upon reaching the sign. Long Live the Reading!”

Snow On The Railroad Tracks

Trains are one of the things that the snow doesn’t stop – at least in south central Pennsylvania.

railroad in snow

We’ve had a lot of snow this 2014 winter!